About us

Magma is one of the most recognised brands among the woolen textile manufacturers. The last few years, during which our family-operated business was very dynamically transformed into a large, effective and successful manufacturing plant, strengthened our views about values which we have supported from the very moment of establishment of our business. Our top priorities on which we have been continuously focusing are: the best quality of natural raw materials, exclusiveness of the products and customisation to meet the expectations of our customers and healthy lifestyle current trends.

One of the major focuses of our business is comprehensive management of companies directly dealing with sheep wool trade.

While we have continuously retained our top position among the most effective suppliers, well recognised and positively assessed by domestic customers, we are also dynamically expanding our market shares abroad, for example in Canada, Croatia, Russia, Israel or Latvia.

Our catalogue contains a comprehensive range of products including clothes, bed linen, rehabilitation, children and animal items. There is also a fine collection of details to enrich your interior design. All our products are made of pure, natural sheep wool that has many unique properties, for example it speeds up healing and rehabilitation processes, which was proven by us through extensive, specific research and studies. Health benefits of the natural material used in our products has been also validated by many quality certificates awarded to Magma both by Polish and international accreditation bodies.

When implementing any new initiative, we remain steadfast in our commitment to promote physical fitness and healthy lifestyle. For this reason we are consistently expanding and improving our product range to meet ever-increasing expectations and demands of all customers. In our strategy for future we also consider expanding of our distribution network to effectively reach more customers and provide them with high-quality sales. Details of how to contact our Headquarters or any of our agencies in Poland (address, telephone and fax numbers) can be found on our website – “Contact Us” page.

We are looking for business partners all over the world!