For hotels

We would like to invite hotels, guesthouses and restaurants to cooperate. We offer a wide range of natural linen textiles: bedclothes, tablecloths, and SPA haberdashery.
By combining high quality of fabrics with professional teams, we create comfortable and remarkable linen collections that will satisfy the most demanding guests.
Properties of linen:
TIMELESSNESS: Linen is the symbol of comfort and elegance.
DURABILITY. Linen fibers are most resistant to friction and stretching of all the plant fibers.
COMFORT. The physiological properties of linen in direct touch with our body, such as its pleasant and cool grip – are much better than in the case of other fibers.
HEALTH. Demonstrates antibacterial properties. Does not pick up static, does not cause irritations or allergic reactions. It creates the best microclimate for the skin.
ECOLOGICAL. It is fully biodegradable and wasteless.