Sateen elements always give exceptional quality to fabric. This luxury sateen bedding set comprises products that combine perfect softness of wool (weight 450g/m²) with quality of quilted sateen – a fabric belonging to the category of velvet – all to make you feel really exceptionally during your everyday rest…

Pillow consisting of two layers, of which one layer is made from sheep wool fabric with a weight 450/m² and the other is made from quilted sateen. The pillow is filled with cotton and elastic little silicone pellets which conform to the shape of the user’s body. It comes in four sizes: 20/40 cm, 40/40 cm, 40/60 cm, 40/70 cm.

Duveta double-layer quilt created as a result of harmonic combination of sheep wool with a weight 450g/m² and quilted sateen. The product comes in nine sizes: 90/200 cm, 135/200cm, 145/200 cm, 155/200 cm, 165/200 cm, 175/200 cm,185/200 cm, 200/200 cm,220/200 cm.

Bolster pillow, made of sheep wool combined with quilted sateen, of the length of 40 cm and diameter of 15 cm, filled with woolen cutoffs that conform their shape for better comfort of the user. It is perfect to ease stiffness and tension in upper part of the back and neck.

U-shaped pillow measuring 40/30 cm, is a composition of sheep wool and quilted sateen, is beneficial while sleeping or resting, also in a sitting position. Thanks to the soft filling of wool cutoffs its shape can be adjusted depending on circumstances. Even the longest journey can be a time of relaxation and stress relief.