All of our products are made of highest quality and finest natural wool fibre that is supremely soft and smooth. As our wool comes from sheep organically raised in small breeding and grazing areas located at a large distance from industrial zones and big cities, it demonstrates advanced healing and anti-allergic properties. In other words, Magma wool products not only provide a sense of well-being, warmth, comfort and create relaxing home environment, but also really enhance well-being, help to relieve pain and significantly shorten the recovery period in various health problems.

Multi-phase tests of all the wool products included in our offer have proven that sheep wool helps to speed up healing and shorten the convalescent period in many diseases, and at the same time it is very effective in pain and other troublesome symptoms relief. It has been evidenced that application of sheep wool both in health prophylaxis and therapeutic rehabilitation is beneficial and definitely recommended. In fact it should be advised by health care specialists.

Sheep wool contains a special fibre that noticeably improves blood and micro-circulation; this helps to relieve pain and reduce muscle tension. Therefore our products can be used by people with degenerative disc disease (especially in cervical and lumbar spine degeneration), degenerative joint disease or as supplementary treatment in peripheral nerve injuries and in rehabilitation time after fractures and injuries of any type.

How does it work? Clinical researches have demonstrated that products made of sheep wool fibre have beneficial effects on human health because of their triple action: 

Firstly, they create natural warmth. There are no doubts that the phenomenon of heat transfer between the human body and the environment has a profound effect on human health and well-being. Wool fibres serve as a kind of control mechanism that maintains the body temperature at a constant level. It helps to increase total blood capacity and supply of oxygen and other substances to body cells whereas carbon dioxide and other metabolic wastes are removed, muscular tension is relaxed and ability of connective tissue to elongate increased.

Meticulous research evidenced that thermal therapy applied locally has anti-inflammatory effects, relieves pain, enhances flexibility of joints and tissue metabolism, thus indirectly stimulating the entire nervous system. 

Secondly, they have a constant massaging effect on the body. Massage is thought to be one of the oldest forms of medical therapy practiced on the human body. Importance of skin to human health is essential – its condition determines steady internal environment and controls stability of body processes. Proper continuous skin massage enhancing its basic functions has therefore beneficial effects to the entire human body.

Last, but not least, they stimulate negatively charged ions. Wool significantly increases anion activity in the body, thus maximising their favourable effects. Negative ions prevent multiplication of harmful microorganisms, they neutralise positively-charged viruses and most pathological bacteria. Their presence remarkably improves immune functions and stimulates metabolism. They also promote cell vigor, remove tiredness and enhance energy necessary to face every day challenges.